Right from your first service at Great Commission Church, you are regarded as a family member.  When you decide to make Great Commission your home, you will be taken through training phases and then you can be assigned to your volunteer role of your choice.


Children meet every Sunday for their fun packed service. We have a room filled with interactive programs, games and music. Our aim is to teach every child to grow in confidence and  responsibility as they get to know about Jesus and learn how to make a difference in their lives.


This is a Youth group from ages 13 – 25 years. A team of youths taking the church by storm. They  meet twice a month, where they talk, make connections, interact with experts for advice and career guidance. They are taught to live responsibly in their communities as Christians.


This is a group for the men in Church. They get together and have a great time, encourage each other in their walk with christ. With a goal to impact their work places and families, as well as meeting the needs of their communities and beyond.


This is a group for the women in Church. We believe that whatever the season or reason, we can impact the lives of our community. With meetings such as prayer breakfasts and conferences. In these meetings, they discuss ideas to uphold each other and other women in communities.

If you would like to join

You are more than welcome to join the ministry of your choice. Please register with us and you are automatically added.